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3D Printing Technology Inc. (3DPTEK) is a leading industrial 3D Printer manufacturer and service provider in China. The company originates from 1994, when its subsidiary Longyuan AFS Co,Ltd successfully developed China’s first industry grade Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine. Since 2013, the new establishment of 3DPTEK inc. advanced the group’s technological area to include four specialty industrial solutions:
Rapid Casting: 3D printed patterns and investment casting; 3D printed sand mold and sand casting.
Direct Metal Printing: Selective Laser Melting; Directed Energy Deposition.
Additive Powder Metallurgy: Directed Feedstock Depostion (or known as desktop metal);
Metal Binder Jetting.Consumer 3d Printing System: Full-color FDM
The technologies are provided in the form of machine sales, production services and product developments. The company have successfully serviced for over 1000 industrial customers (inc. >500 machine installations) and millions of individuals.